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Breakfast from La Place is amazing
Here at Gr8 Hotels, we like to give you what you want, which is why breakfast is always included in our room price. It is provided every day by La Place, which is in the same building as your Gr8 Hotel. 

Taste is our number 1
Every day we are working on a better taste. Taste is at La Place on the first place. And you can taste it in all our dishes and products. That’s why we use fresh, honest and pure ingredients. Preferably from the region and where it can be organic.

In our own cooking school we taste on Wednesday blind different dishes. Purely on the basis of taste, we make it a choice. Next we look at the origin of the products and the ingredients or meet the quality demands we are making.
We put our guests to enjoy ourselves only for ourselves

Check below the opening hours for a La Place in your area.