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Let's tell you about Gr8

New Dutch hotel chain
Gr8 Hotels is a new Dutch hotel chain with comfortable, 3-star facilities and spacious, cosy rooms at a superb price. Gr8 Hotels are very easy to find and offer a wonderful stay for guests travelling on business or for pleasure, or who want to relax for the weekend.

‘’On the move’’
Our audience are people on the move. Whether you are a construction worker, a business person, on a weekend trip or visiting remote family. For all we have the essential needs to enjoy the comfort of the known and the excitement of the new.

We do not necessarily speak of guests; you can just be a user of our services too. Nevertheless, we treat everyone in a hospitable and welcoming way.

Gr8 Hotels
Gr8 Hotel Oosterhout is the first branch of Gr8 Hotels and opened its doors in July 2018. Not long after, Gr8 Hotel Sevenum, Gr8 Hotel Bodegraven and Gr8 Hotel Amsterdam Riverside opened. Three more Gr8 Hotels will open their doors soon in Leiderdorp, Meerkerk and Holten.



Proud partner of Make-A-Wish
Here at Gr8 Hotels, we like to make you feel at home. But not just you. Because we believe in the power of a wish, we’re partners of the Make-A-Wish foundation. “If a child can believe that their wish will come true, then they can also believe they’ll get better.” That’s the power of the Wish Journey!

Make-A-Wish gives a positive boost to young patients. These kids range in age from 3 to 18 and often have a serious or life-threatening illness. It’s a life-changing experience that makes them stronger, giving them confidence and strength for the future. Make-A-Wish does just that, making their dearest wish come true.

A fixed percentage of Gr8’s turnover goes to Make-A-Wish in the Netherlands every year. You can also rent a bike with us or book one of our Gr8 Packages, helping to make children’s wishes come true. And in our hotels, you’ll encounter many more Make-A-Wish moments!


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