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CSR Statement - Gr8 Hotels

Gr8 Hotels complies or intends to comply with the following commitments:

  • Our employees are proud and committed to their roles.
  • We act with respect and responsibility.
  • We have created a safe and healthy working environment.
  • We keep employees permanently employable by making the best possible use of their skills.
  • We have rules of good governance.
  • We give the highest priority to employee involvement.
  • We have a unifying role in society, we voluntarily contribute to social objectives through donations and sponsorship.
  • We have energy-efficient systems and lighting.
  • We make an active contribution to the development of our profession and transfer our knowledge to others who want to learn the trade.
  • We work with certified sustainable partners.
  • We make transparent agreements about the quality of our services and monitor the quality we provide
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