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€ 89.00

It's Magic

Gr8 Hotel Sevenum

Let's go, to Toverland, and experience the magic of true passion. Bad weather, that doesn't matter! Both inside and outside you imagine yourself in an enchanting atmosphere. Adventurers try to keep both feet on the ground at Villa Fiasko in Wunderwald! True heroes defy their greatest fears in Ithaka, where Troy's chariots capture the city with their speed. In the Magical Valley young and old experience the most imaginative attractions. But no matter which world you choose to go to, magic will show you the way at Toverland Sevenum.

- 1x night’s accommodation
- 1x extended breakfast buffet
- 1x pass for Toverland
- From € 44.50 for childeren and adults aged 12 years and older and from € 21.50 for children aged 1 to 11 years old

Let's go!
€ 84.95

High TIM Tea

Gr8 Hotel Sevenum

Let's go, and enjoy various types of tea and delicious snacks! The High TIM Tea offers a variation of sweet and savory snacks for a nice afternoon. From bonbons to sausage rolls and from quiches to scones, everything will be served to your table while enjoying a cup of tea!

- 2x nights’ accommodation
- 2x extended buffet breakfasts
- 1x High TIM Tea


Let's go!
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