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Gr8 Hotels supports the Make a Wish Foundation

It is almost World Wish Day! And because of that Gr8 Hotels auctions its rooms from Monday the 22th of April up to and including Monday the 27th of April.

You can bid on 16 Gr8 Rooms at 4 different locations during the Ascension weekend. Together we can ensure that as many children's dreams as possible can be fulfilled! Young patients deserve that power boost! "If a child can believe that his/her wish comes true, then he/she can also believe that he/she is getting better.’’

Are you going to bid on one of our Gr8 Rooms to contribute to a fantastic amount that we can hand over to our Partner Make-A-Wish?

* Starting from Monday the 22th of April up to and including Monday the 29th of April until 7:00 PM, you can bid on 16 Gr8 Rooms for the Ascension weekend. This means that from Thursday the 30th of May up to and including Sunday the 2th of June, 4 Gr8 Rooms per Gr8 Hotel will be available for the auction. On April 29 (World Wish Day) we will announce the winners and the collected amount on Social media at 8 p.m.

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