Experience a day at an amusement park: The wonders of the Efteling and the adventures of Toverland

Visiting an amusement park is like opening a book that takes you into a world of fantasy and adventure. For those in the Netherlands looking for that perfect blend of fairytale charm and thrilling action, the Efteling and Toverland each offer a unique experience. Here's how to enjoy each of these parks, ideal for a day trip combined with a comfortable stay at our Gr8 Hotels in Sevenum or Oosterhout


The Efteling: a fairytale world full of wonders
Located at a 20-minute drive from Gr8 Hotel Oosterhout, the Efteling is more than just an amusement park; it is a vast fantasy world where fairy tales come to life. The park opens its gates with the promise of a day full of magic and wonder. A walk through the famous Fairytale Forest, where each path leads to a different story, from the classic tales of the Brothers Grimm to the adventures of Hans Christian Andersen, is the perfect start to the day.

For adrenaline seekers, the Efteling offers breathtaking roller coasters such as Baron 1898, where you take a free fall into an old mine shaft, and the Python, which hurls you through the air with its loopings and sharp turns.

For families with younger children, attractions such as Carnaval Festival, Symbolica or Droomvlucht, where you float through an enchanted universe of elves and fairies, are a must-do.

Besides the attractions, the Efteling hosts a live show or entertainment almost every day, adding to the magical atmosphere of the park. Visit park show Raveleijn, and watch the fantastic horse show. The Aquanura water show, a spectacular water and light show, is the perfect end to a wonderful day. Check out the Efteling website here


Toverland: adventure awaits at every corner
At a mere 5-minute drive from Gr8 Hotel Sevenum you will find Toverland, a park that offers both indoor and outdoor magic, ideal for all weather conditions. Toverland is smaller than the Efteling, but certainly no less exciting.

The park is divided into several themed areas such as Avalon, where the Phoenix takes you on a flight you won't soon forget. This wing coaster is one of the highlights of the park and offers a unique flying experience.

For younger visitors, Toverland offers attractions such as the Magic House, where children can press magical buttons to reveal surprises. The Land of Toos, an extensive indoor play area, ensures that the fun can continue regardless of the weather. Check out Toverland's website here


Concluding an Enchanted Day
Whether you choose the timeless charm of the Efteling or the dynamic adventure of Toverland, each experience offers something unique for visitors of all ages. Staying at Gr8 Hotels in Sevenum or Oosterhout makes it easy to explore these enchanting worlds and provides a comfortable place to relax after a day of adventure.
For example, a day at an amusement park, whether at the Efteling or Toverland, offers the perfect escape and a chance to create precious memories with friends and family. What are you waiting for? Be enchanted! Check out our Efteling and Toverland package here!

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