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Gr8 Hotels always guarantees the best prices and conditions. Why book directly?

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Breakfast is always included and is provided by La Place: a restaurant which services delicious food that is natural, fresh daily and homemade. This is what we do to ensure you have a Gr8 stay.

  • We literally give you all the space you need. Our rooms are spacious and comfortably furnished.
  • To make life easy for you, we provide as many of our services as possible online, simply by using your own device.
  • Online service is always at your fingertips. Whatever you need something, someone is always available to offer you a helping hand.
  • Our terms and conditions are simple and transparent, so there are no hidden costs.
  • We offer superb quality at an excellent price, so feel free to compare us with others.
  • Our hotels are always easy to find and easily accessible.
  • Your room is and remains your room, until 11:00 AM the following day.

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