Discover Maastricht in Spring: The best activities in the city

Maastricht, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is the perfect destination for a spring getaway. Below is a guide to the best activities to do in Maastricht this spring.

Walking and picnicking in the City Park
Start your day with a peaceful walk through Maastricht's beautiful Stadspark. This park, located along the old city walls, is an oasis of tranquility where you can enjoy the awakening nature. Bring a picnic basket and find a spot by the pond or under the flowering trees.

Grab a terrace at the Vrijthof Square
The Vrijthof is Maastricht's central square, surrounded by historic buildings and lively terraces. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a locally brewed beer in the spring sun while overlooking the Saint Servatius Basilica and the Theater aan het Vrijthof. It's the perfect place for people-watching and soaking up the city's atmosphere.

Shopping in Wyck
The Wyck district, known for its boutiques and art galleries, is the perfect place for lovers of unique stores and local products. Wander down Rechtstraat and discover everything from designer clothes to delicatessens. Don't miss Stationstraat either, where you'll find more boutiques and cozy cafes. Find out more about Wyck here.

Visit the Bonnefanten museum
For art lovers, a visit to the Bonnefanten museum is a must. The museum offers a mix of old masters and contemporary art and has regularly changing exhibitions. Be sure to check out the iconic tower and the impressive collection of works by local and international artists.

Enjoying Local Events
Maastricht is a city that is alive and well. Check the local events calendar for festivals, outdoor concerts and markets happening in the spring. From culinary festivals to cultural events, there's always something interesting to do. Check out the calendar of events here.

Historical Walking Tours
Discover Maastricht's rich history with a historic walking tour of the city. Walk along the old city walls, visit the Help Gate and explore the picturesque streets of the Jeker Quarter. Every corner of Maastricht tells a story. Check out different walking routes here or go out on your own.

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Maastricht has a lot to offer in the spring. Plan your visit and discover for yourself why this Limburg city is a favorite destination for both Dutch and international visitors.


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