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This is La Place

Gr8: breakfast at La Place
At Gr8 Hotels, we do everything we can to make you feel at home. That’s why your breakfast is always included in the room price. It is served fresh daily by our partner La Place, which is in the same building as your Gr8 Hotel.

Taste comes first at La Place
La Place is working on creating better flavours every day. Flavours are therefore a top priority here. And you’ll see that in all their dishes and products. They’re prepared with fresh, honest and pure ingredients, regional and organic wherever possible, So they’re always flavoursome and make you feel good.

Lunch and dinner
Breakfast at La Place is followed by a delicious lunch and dinner. There’s a blind tasting every Wednesday at our own cookery school. Dishes are chosen purely on the basis of taste. We then look at the source of the products and whether the ingredients meet the quality requirements. Enjoy!

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